Thursday, November 25, 2010

Krazy Kaz's Diary

Butterflies were fluttering in my stomach. Cold beads of sweat were standing on my forehead. Peering nervously out of the curtains, I saw it... a sea of heads chanting our band name. Was I going to fail? What if they hated our songs? Questions filled my head, and then I felt a gentle hand rest on my shoulder. It was Kutie Kream and she was telling me to relax and not to worry too much. The clock struck seven. This was it! The pressure was on! One mistake and wed’ get tomatoes! If it went smoothly, we’d get flowers.

Cautiously, I stepped onto the stage. Remembering who I was, I paused and then ran out! Our fans were totally mad! Cheerfully, I took my hat off and threw it into the audience. They screamed with excitement then fell silent as the first note was struck. My heart pounded like the waves against the sea shore and the audience clapped to the music. This was a good sign. As soon as the concert was finished silence filled the hall. Did they hate the show? Suddenly, the audience was clapping and screaming, some were whistling. A wide grin spread across each of our faces as we accepted the bunches of roses that were handed to us.

I couldn’t stop smiling, I was just so happy! Proudly, I skipped backstage; as soon as I got there I hugged each member of our band.

I wish I could write more but it is getting late.

Kit Kat's Diary

A few hours before the biggest concert of my life, my heart was thumping like a giant drum. However, I also felt excited. Beads of sweat were trying their best to hang on my body. I knew that if I failed, all the hard work would be wasted forever! Nervously, I peeked out of the window; I could hear thousands of fans yelling my name at the top of their voices. This made me feel a little more confident.

When 30 minutes had past, I quickly grabbed my heavy electric guitar and stepped onto the stage and into the spot light. With my hands shaking, I picked up the microphone and started to sing. Slowly, I looked out into the audience where I could see fans waving flags and banners with my name written on it. At this moment I felt like a God! I started to relax and enjoy the exciting song. By the end of the 4th song I felt energetic and I started to march around the whole stage. Several hours later, the concert was clearly a success, as the crowed were cheering and clapping.

Sadly my first ever concert had to come to an end. I realized that I had given my fans an exciting night and I am pretty sure they will come back to watch me rock around the stage!

Kutie Kream's Diary

Butterflies were fluttering around my stomach, my heart was pounding. I was nervous. I was scared. Cold beads of sweat were standing on my forehead. Peering through the curtains, I gazed out upon a sea of heads, cheering my name. The pressure was on! The seconds were counting down 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3….2…1…! Grabbing my bass guitar, I quickly followed my band into the stage.

I leaped onto the stage with my bass guitar slung around my neck, Krazy Kaz started to play her drums and Kit Kat and I joined in with our guitars. The audience was chanting our names and I felt my confidence grow. Minutes later, KoKo started to sing the first song and everyone started to scream and sing along. I smile spread across face because by then I knew it would be a fantastic night.

Koko's Biography

Koko (Nicole Ning Karena) was kicking and screaming as she entered the world that stood inviting her only a spec of dust away. There she was on the fourth of March, 1982. Her Mum’s name was Marilyn; her Dad’s name was Cameron. Koko’s twin brother was called Mark, her other brother was called Jo and she had two sisters called Lauren and Katie.

Koko always remembers being into music! She told us that even at pre-school she wanted to perform and sing.

‘I remember being in my seat in pre-school, having a music lesson. We were learning how to clap in time to the beat. At the tender age of 3 I obviously found that boring so started to sing my own song to the beat! Ever since then, I have performed whenever I got the chance!’

In 1987, she started ‘The Dominican School’ in the Philippines, which was where her cousin, Katie, also went to school. There she learnt how to professionally sing, as well as play the guitar, piano and the drums. She continued to attend that school right through to secondary, where she entered many of the school talent shows! In 2000, Koko moved to university to study music. She loved it because she could sing all day!

After university she tried really hard to form a band, but went to several auditions without any success! However a random visit to McDonalds changed her life forever! She shared the amazing story with us!

‘Kutie Kream (Katie) and I had arranged to meet in McDonalds. We were on the phone when Kit Kat came and asked if she could sit down next to me because there were no seats available. At first I didn’t recognize her but then I did, she was my neighbour from when I was young! A minute later Kutie Kream walked in the crowded room, we had a long chat and suddenly… Krazy Kaz jumped in Kutie Kream’s face and started to go hyper. The craziness had only just begun. We all introduced ourselves and spent all afternoon chatting about our common love: music! In the end, we decided to form a band. We finally came up with the name K K Krunches.’

Currently, they have just finished recording their first album: Night Out; to be released in time on the 9th April, 2010. Their hit album is Night Out; it was released on the 20th November. Right now they are recording their new song called: K K K.

Rihannah's Biography

Rihannah – also known as Krazy Kaz - was born on February 19th, 1986 in the UCLA hospital, Los Angeles USA. Jonathan (Rihannah’s father) worked as an honest doctor, while Mrs. Samson, her mother, worked as a well known fashion designer and a part time actress. Rihannah’s adopted brother – Daniel - was a famous author. However, instead of wasting all his money on expensive materialistic items, he gave most of it to the poor (very mature of him). The Samson’s were middle class, so although they were not rich, they had a comfortable life.

At the age of six, Rihannah began to learn to play the drums, although it was while she was listening to some Elvis Presley’s music with her dad, she declared that one day she would like to be able to perform like him and become a wealthy rock star! The very next day, she was ringing the bell of her neighbours house (the Gibson’s) and asking Katie, her best friend to form a band.

The eldest Samson attended George Washington Primary School. Rihannah hated school especially history, as she found them meaningless and boring! Everything else was average in her eyes – except music! Music was the absolute best! She really enjoyed the lessons, especially as her favourite teacher – Mr. Notewriter – taught her. Mr. Notewriter was her drum teacher and the funniest teacher at the school. He had a funny looking moustache and an Australian accent. It was also during this year that her neighbour and best friend, Katie, moved away!

Finally, in 1997 she moved to Secondary School! She loved being able to spend her whole break time in the music room. In 1998, she started year 8 and on the first morning of school she walked into her tutor room and noticed a familiar looking face! It was Katie her old neighbour! From that day on, they both spent their time trying to write and play new songs in the music department!

Soon, Rihannah graduated from high school and moved onto Oxford University to study music! Unfortunately, Katie couldn’t afford to go, so the two friends went their separate ways. At the age of twenty she decided to leave university and go travelling round the Philippines!

It was on that trip that she met up with Katie again. They spent several weeks travelling and playing music together, with two other girls: Nicole, Katie’s cousin, and Katrina. That is how the K K Krunches began!

Back in the UK, they signed with the record label: Rock and recorded their first song: Krunches. Finally, it was released in 9th April, 2010. Currently, they have just finished recording their first album: Night Out; to be released in time for Christmas!

Kit Kat's Biography

Katrina (was born in Australia H.K.S.A hospital, on March 5th, in 1988, at 5:40am). Her Mum (Rachel) was a secretary and her Dad (John) was a Judge, so he was the one that sorted problems out for the whole family. Also she had a brother called Alex. He was the best at everything and very clever. When Katrina was 4, she started to enjoy playing instruments, so her mum let her learn to play the piano. This gave Katrina the idea of forming a band when she got older. Luckily this came true!

When Katrina was in Oxford Primary School, she loved English, Science and of course music which she was the best at! Katrina hated lessons, so during her lessons she would pretend to listen, but actually she would be dreaming of her rock star fame with her eyes opened. She distinctly remembers one lesson, by her least favourite teacher, where she actually fell asleep imagining she had her own band holding a really cool electric guitar rocking with her crazy friends. She got into serious trouble after that! After an exciting and busy P6 she left Oxford Primary School, and transferred to Rolian Secondary School.

In August 1999, Katrina and her family moved to the Philippines where attended a British Secondary School. Sadly, her test results got lower. Finally, she started to work harder on her subjects as she wanted to go into University and study music! During that time, she also started to learn the electric guitar. After school, Katrina would run happily to the music room to have lessons once a week with her music teacher. 6 years later, Katrina was so good at music that she went to Newauc University in New Zealand and studied it.

In 2007, she graduated and became a tutor. Each day, 5 or 6 students would come to her house to get support with their studies. Every night, after the students had finished gone; she would go to the lowest floor and sit in her own sound room to practise her guitar. Also, she loved spending time researching different guitar skills on the computer. However, Katrina missed family, so in 2008 she moved back to the Philippines, this is when her luck changed! It was a ‘freak’ meeting in McDonalds that was to change her life forever! She bumped into her old neighbour Nicole, and her friends Katie and Rihannah! Quickly, they got talking about music and decided to meet up have a ‘jamming’ session! From that moment on, they became the K K Krunches!

In 2009, they all moved to the UK, where they signed with the record label: Rock and recorded their first song: Krunches. Finally, it was released in 9th April, 2010. Currently, they have just finished recording their first album: Night Out; to be released in time for Christmas!