Thursday, November 18, 2010

Katie ,Kutie Kream

The Biography
Kutie Kream
Katie-who was a good child-was born in October 18th, 1987 in LOS ANGELES, UCLA hospital. Her Nickname is Kutie Kream. Susan-her mum-is a magician, David-her dad-is a film producer, John-her brother-is a 12 year old secondary student, Sophia-her younger sister-is a 20 year old collage student, Elizabeth-her twin sister-is a 23 year old music school student and Katie (a little bit older than Elizabeth) is a graduated girl and plays the bass guitar. They are rich, never bad or evil and they were always good but sometimes unhappy.

Her earliest memory was when she dreamed of being a rock star. The first instrument she played was the key-board, months later she started playing the bass guitar and even became a teacher.

At the age of 4 she went to primary school. Primary school was exciting for Katie, meeting friends, learning new instruments (xylophone, piano-kind of the same a piano-and the timpani) and meeting teachers! She met a neighbor called Rihanna. They played with each other everyday after school. They became BFF’S too!

Katie thought secondary is boring for her. On the first day in secondary Katie met her old neighbor-Rihanna- a tall teenager that went to George Washington as her first secondary then moved to the same school as Katie. Every break she would go to the music room filled with percussion instruments, woodwind instruments, brass instruments and string instruments. One day she happily music room and she saw a familiar face…. something was revealed! It was Rihanna, it really was, and she never knew that Rihanna plays an instrument.

At the age of 18, she went to music school. Music school was fun for Katie, she was able to play her favorite instrument all day! She met new friends, she even saw her cousin Nicole! She learned how to play the violin, clarinet, rock kit, nylon guitar and the tuba. She had fun with her friends and playing her guitar-of course-and playing duets with her cousin Nicole! She went till she was 23 years old (for 5 years)! Months later she, Nicole and Rihanna moved to the Philippines.

Here is how the K K Krunches (Kutie Kream’s band) met. One day her cousin Nicole called her to meet her at McDonald’s and chat.’ ‘Hi Katie are you coming?’ ‘Nicole said in a sweet voice. Katie said’ ‘Yeah, I’m coming.’

‘Minuets later a girl named Katrina (Kit Kat) came to talk to Nicole and said.’

‘Umm... is anyone sitting here? May I sit here?’

‘So Nicole she said’ ‘Yes, sure! OH MY GOSH, is that you Katrina?’

‘You are….umm…., oh I remember you, your Nicole! We haven’t met each other for so long! screamed Katrina.’ Katie says, ‘Hi Nicole, and who is this?’

‘This is my old neighbor Katrina. Nicole said in a happy voice.’

‘Minutes later Rihanna, Krazy Kaz came in and gave a pat to Katie. We all said what we instrument play, our stage name and we all chose a name of our band. Their stage names are: KoKo – Nicole -, Rihanna – Krazy Kaz -, Katrina – Kit Kat – and Kutie Kream – Katie - .

The first song that they composed is called ‘Krunches’ and they are currently composing a song called K K K.

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