Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kit Kat's Biography

Katrina (was born in Australia H.K.S.A hospital, on March 5th, in 1988, at 5:40am). Her Mum (Rachel) was a secretary and her Dad (John) was a Judge, so he was the one that sorted problems out for the whole family. Also she had a brother called Alex. He was the best at everything and very clever. When Katrina was 4, she started to enjoy playing instruments, so her mum let her learn to play the piano. This gave Katrina the idea of forming a band when she got older. Luckily this came true!

When Katrina was in Oxford Primary School, she loved English, Science and of course music which she was the best at! Katrina hated lessons, so during her lessons she would pretend to listen, but actually she would be dreaming of her rock star fame with her eyes opened. She distinctly remembers one lesson, by her least favourite teacher, where she actually fell asleep imagining she had her own band holding a really cool electric guitar rocking with her crazy friends. She got into serious trouble after that! After an exciting and busy P6 she left Oxford Primary School, and transferred to Rolian Secondary School.

In August 1999, Katrina and her family moved to the Philippines where attended a British Secondary School. Sadly, her test results got lower. Finally, she started to work harder on her subjects as she wanted to go into University and study music! During that time, she also started to learn the electric guitar. After school, Katrina would run happily to the music room to have lessons once a week with her music teacher. 6 years later, Katrina was so good at music that she went to Newauc University in New Zealand and studied it.

In 2007, she graduated and became a tutor. Each day, 5 or 6 students would come to her house to get support with their studies. Every night, after the students had finished gone; she would go to the lowest floor and sit in her own sound room to practise her guitar. Also, she loved spending time researching different guitar skills on the computer. However, Katrina missed family, so in 2008 she moved back to the Philippines, this is when her luck changed! It was a ‘freak’ meeting in McDonalds that was to change her life forever! She bumped into her old neighbour Nicole, and her friends Katie and Rihannah! Quickly, they got talking about music and decided to meet up have a ‘jamming’ session! From that moment on, they became the K K Krunches!

In 2009, they all moved to the UK, where they signed with the record label: Rock and recorded their first song: Krunches. Finally, it was released in 9th April, 2010. Currently, they have just finished recording their first album: Night Out; to be released in time for Christmas!

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