Thursday, November 25, 2010

Krazy Kaz's Diary

Butterflies were fluttering in my stomach. Cold beads of sweat were standing on my forehead. Peering nervously out of the curtains, I saw it... a sea of heads chanting our band name. Was I going to fail? What if they hated our songs? Questions filled my head, and then I felt a gentle hand rest on my shoulder. It was Kutie Kream and she was telling me to relax and not to worry too much. The clock struck seven. This was it! The pressure was on! One mistake and wed’ get tomatoes! If it went smoothly, we’d get flowers.

Cautiously, I stepped onto the stage. Remembering who I was, I paused and then ran out! Our fans were totally mad! Cheerfully, I took my hat off and threw it into the audience. They screamed with excitement then fell silent as the first note was struck. My heart pounded like the waves against the sea shore and the audience clapped to the music. This was a good sign. As soon as the concert was finished silence filled the hall. Did they hate the show? Suddenly, the audience was clapping and screaming, some were whistling. A wide grin spread across each of our faces as we accepted the bunches of roses that were handed to us.

I couldn’t stop smiling, I was just so happy! Proudly, I skipped backstage; as soon as I got there I hugged each member of our band.

I wish I could write more but it is getting late.

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