Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kit Kat's Diary

A few hours before the biggest concert of my life, my heart was thumping like a giant drum. However, I also felt excited. Beads of sweat were trying their best to hang on my body. I knew that if I failed, all the hard work would be wasted forever! Nervously, I peeked out of the window; I could hear thousands of fans yelling my name at the top of their voices. This made me feel a little more confident.

When 30 minutes had past, I quickly grabbed my heavy electric guitar and stepped onto the stage and into the spot light. With my hands shaking, I picked up the microphone and started to sing. Slowly, I looked out into the audience where I could see fans waving flags and banners with my name written on it. At this moment I felt like a God! I started to relax and enjoy the exciting song. By the end of the 4th song I felt energetic and I started to march around the whole stage. Several hours later, the concert was clearly a success, as the crowed were cheering and clapping.

Sadly my first ever concert had to come to an end. I realized that I had given my fans an exciting night and I am pretty sure they will come back to watch me rock around the stage!

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