Thursday, November 25, 2010

Koko's Biography

Koko (Nicole Ning Karena) was kicking and screaming as she entered the world that stood inviting her only a spec of dust away. There she was on the fourth of March, 1982. Her Mum’s name was Marilyn; her Dad’s name was Cameron. Koko’s twin brother was called Mark, her other brother was called Jo and she had two sisters called Lauren and Katie.

Koko always remembers being into music! She told us that even at pre-school she wanted to perform and sing.

‘I remember being in my seat in pre-school, having a music lesson. We were learning how to clap in time to the beat. At the tender age of 3 I obviously found that boring so started to sing my own song to the beat! Ever since then, I have performed whenever I got the chance!’

In 1987, she started ‘The Dominican School’ in the Philippines, which was where her cousin, Katie, also went to school. There she learnt how to professionally sing, as well as play the guitar, piano and the drums. She continued to attend that school right through to secondary, where she entered many of the school talent shows! In 2000, Koko moved to university to study music. She loved it because she could sing all day!

After university she tried really hard to form a band, but went to several auditions without any success! However a random visit to McDonalds changed her life forever! She shared the amazing story with us!

‘Kutie Kream (Katie) and I had arranged to meet in McDonalds. We were on the phone when Kit Kat came and asked if she could sit down next to me because there were no seats available. At first I didn’t recognize her but then I did, she was my neighbour from when I was young! A minute later Kutie Kream walked in the crowded room, we had a long chat and suddenly… Krazy Kaz jumped in Kutie Kream’s face and started to go hyper. The craziness had only just begun. We all introduced ourselves and spent all afternoon chatting about our common love: music! In the end, we decided to form a band. We finally came up with the name K K Krunches.’

Currently, they have just finished recording their first album: Night Out; to be released in time on the 9th April, 2010. Their hit album is Night Out; it was released on the 20th November. Right now they are recording their new song called: K K K.

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