Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rihannah's Biography

Rihannah – also known as Krazy Kaz - was born on February 19th, 1986 in the UCLA hospital, Los Angeles USA. Jonathan (Rihannah’s father) worked as an honest doctor, while Mrs. Samson, her mother, worked as a well known fashion designer and a part time actress. Rihannah’s adopted brother – Daniel - was a famous author. However, instead of wasting all his money on expensive materialistic items, he gave most of it to the poor (very mature of him). The Samson’s were middle class, so although they were not rich, they had a comfortable life.

At the age of six, Rihannah began to learn to play the drums, although it was while she was listening to some Elvis Presley’s music with her dad, she declared that one day she would like to be able to perform like him and become a wealthy rock star! The very next day, she was ringing the bell of her neighbours house (the Gibson’s) and asking Katie, her best friend to form a band.

The eldest Samson attended George Washington Primary School. Rihannah hated school especially history, as she found them meaningless and boring! Everything else was average in her eyes – except music! Music was the absolute best! She really enjoyed the lessons, especially as her favourite teacher – Mr. Notewriter – taught her. Mr. Notewriter was her drum teacher and the funniest teacher at the school. He had a funny looking moustache and an Australian accent. It was also during this year that her neighbour and best friend, Katie, moved away!

Finally, in 1997 she moved to Secondary School! She loved being able to spend her whole break time in the music room. In 1998, she started year 8 and on the first morning of school she walked into her tutor room and noticed a familiar looking face! It was Katie her old neighbour! From that day on, they both spent their time trying to write and play new songs in the music department!

Soon, Rihannah graduated from high school and moved onto Oxford University to study music! Unfortunately, Katie couldn’t afford to go, so the two friends went their separate ways. At the age of twenty she decided to leave university and go travelling round the Philippines!

It was on that trip that she met up with Katie again. They spent several weeks travelling and playing music together, with two other girls: Nicole, Katie’s cousin, and Katrina. That is how the K K Krunches began!

Back in the UK, they signed with the record label: Rock and recorded their first song: Krunches. Finally, it was released in 9th April, 2010. Currently, they have just finished recording their first album: Night Out; to be released in time for Christmas!

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